With nine years at Creative Energy, Trinity Lancaster has proven the importance of experience, having started as an Art Director, transitioning to Director of Social Media, to his current position as Account Executive.

Trinity’s client history includes such brands as Texas Pete® Hot Sauce, Zing Zang, Nice Fries, Alpha Natural Resources and Bunge North America.

As Art Director, Trinity provided top-notch creative work to clients such as the Johnson City Convention & Visitors Bureau, State of Franklin Bank, Brookwood Farms, Roadrunner Markets and SCAG, to name a few.

His solid grasp of the importance of social media and digital assets in the modern world allows Trinity to provide his clients with a fully integrated 360 marketing strategy. Pal’s Sudden Service, Roadrunner Markets and PartySweets are just a few Creative Energy clients to benefit from Trinity’s knowledge and experience in these areas.

Trinity received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from East Tennessee State University.