Tonya Baker is considered an expert in marketing for commodity and industrial type products and solutions. She knows the b2b language and channels of distribution.

Tonya started her career as the advertising marketing manager for TPI, an HVAC industrial heating and cooling manufacturer in Tennessee. She also invested more than eight years as the marketing manager for two major hardwood flooring companies, Zickgraf and Harris-Tarkett. Those years of valuable experience along with Tonya’s dedication to clients made her transition to an Account Executive easy.

The clients she serves range from aluminum to brick, fiber, chemicals and other commercial solutions. Tonya has enjoyed almost a decade of success helping companies achieve major marketing goals, some receiving double-digit growth in just a few years of working with Tonya.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to see a company you serve thrive and grow; it’s a real honor to take on new clients and an opportunity not taken lightly,” Tonya said.