It Started With an Idea

There is a restaurant chain you may not have heard about that does things a bit differently. It’s called Pal’s Sudden Service.

Pal’s was created in 1956 with one major goal—to DELIGHT the customer. Pal’s restaurants are a little different. They don’t change their menu every year. They don’t redesign their unique, eye-catching buildings, and they don’t rely on discounts or promotions. Pal’s simply provides a better experience through accuracy, speed and cleanliness.

Our Challenge

Pal’s Sudden Service consistently beats competitors in the metrics of accuracy (only 1 mistake in every 3,500 orders), speed (cars move every 18 seconds in the drive-thru), and cleanliness (some of the highest health scores around). The challenge was, how do we let the consumer know about these metrics in an interesting, fun way?

The Solution

Icon-3The solution was simple: Create a game app for smart phones and tablets. Dozens of sketches, level designs, character ideas, focus groups and beta tests later, Pal’s Sudden Service—The Game was born. Here’s how it works:



Dodge obstacles by tilting your phone left and right while you accurately guide your Pal’s food items into the bag. But watch out—it’s not as easy as it looks. A variety of enemy characters will try to sabotage you the whole way!


Increase the speed of your falling food items to complete your order faster as you race your way through three different environments.


Did your food encounter an obstacle or get attacked by an enemy? Don’t worry—just swipe your finger across the screen to clean up the mess as quickly as possible!


When you complete a level or the whole game, compare your scores with Pal’s and with your friends on social media! In the end, you get to see how you stack up to Pal’s metrics, all the while getting a subtle brand message each time you play. Creating this game was a fun way to connect to our customers while giving them something—beyond our great food and friendly service—to be delighted about.

The Pal’s Sudden Service game is so delightful, in fact, that the world’s largest advertising archive, Ads of the World, featured the game’s trailer video on its site the month the game was released!