Outside the Box

Creating a new brand from the ground up.

The story of Our House Deliciously Gluten-Free Baking Mixes is a great example of how Creative Energy built a totally new brand in the consumer packaged goods world.

Our Challenge

House-Autry, one of America’s oldest food companies (established in 1812), opted in 2014 to enter the gluten-free market space. The entry required a significant investment into a new plant with a focus on differentiating their products from competitors based on better-tasting baking mixes. We were invited to pitch their business in September 2014.

The Solution

Our pitch included some brilliant concept development that turned into a fresh, new brand. Noting the attributes of the target audience, the team made a play on the House-Autry name to come up with Our House. The brand name plays off the parent brand and reflects the audience’s tendency to collaborate in their search for information and better-tasting gluten-free food. We won the pitch, and we immediately went to work on building a launch plan that included a website, social media content and a whimsical, eye-catching packaging design.

Package Design

Website Design

Wrap Up

With a name like “Our House,” it’s easy to invite new gluten-free customers to make the switch with a friendly “Come on Over to Our House” greeting. The brand is now on the shelves of retailers such as Ingle’s, Food Lion and Harris-Teeter, with more coming on a monthly basis. Next time you are inside a supermarket, take a trip to the gluten-free baking section and check out our work. Buy a box, try one of the products – and Come on Over to Our House.