Having been employed over the years by design shops and restaurants, Dale Atkinson is perfectly suited for an ad agency with a strong base of foodservice clientele like Creative Energy.

Dale leverages his education in graphic design/illustration from East Tennessee State University and his restaurant background to do top-quality work for many of Creative Energy’s foodservice clients, as well as many others.

“I enjoy pitching the ‘idea’,” Dale says. “We do great work, and should give that great work a great introduction. Never underestimate the power of a compelling presentation when selling a concept to the client.”

Originally from Wisconsin, Dale spends a good portion of his spare time playing guitar and bass in two local bands, and enjoys seeing other bands play throughout the region.

He also enjoys illustration, drawing, painting, going to the gym, reading books, collecting first editions and visiting New York. Dale’s name is on the patent for a mail-order science kit with which children solve mysteries based upon a crime, clues and evidence.