Using the Right Mix of Digital & Traditional Channels For Your Marketing Campaign

Think about your core brand story; build it into specific messages for the appropriate channels to the intended audience; measure your results month over month. This is formula for success and exactly the reason why Internet marketing simply works.

Interactive marketing channels present an opportunity like never before. While it’s important to still set realistic expectations to your creative, you also need to measure your creative against any limitations or obstacles. Each traditional media vehicle has limitations such as printed dimensions, placement, etc. The Internet has it’s own set of restrictions such as timing, placement, audience target, and design dimensions or message character count. These highly effective ways to deliver a message or story can now be measured more effectively than ever before.

Some channels are more risky, innovative, new channels that cannot be measured as easily, but are still important avenues that marketers should try. There are so many valuable new ways to deliver a message through display ads, email marketing, online video and various social channels – some may not drive direct revenue, which makes measuring success challenging. Many companies make the mistake to disregard things that cannot easily affect “the bottom line” or be measured in dollars or ad spending affecting sales. In my experience, using social channels to have the conversation with your customer target base is crucial. They are the ones who know what they want, and the avenues that allow them to have a voice should never be ignored or disregarded. Companies can use these channels to develop content and new products. They can avoid the guessing game creating new products that are a shot in the dark or are just motivated by some internal force, neglecting what consumers truly need. Social channels have the power to drive the business inadvertently and the more we educate the client or company we work for, the more the bottom line WILL be affected.

I can only hope that with the help of agencies like Creative Energy and other professionals in the field, the new way of thought will be embraced by those with the ultimate decision making power. I am proud to be a part of the web-olution and enjoy being a part of the community that is leading the charge!