How to make training so memorable it becomes learning

Training personnel is becoming less boring with new techniques that both entertain and make learning memorable. Case in point is a new training library we are building for a client.

With national distribution and a network of brokers and distributors, the process of compensating for employee turnover, new product roll outs, trend updates and maintaining an overall level of expertise within a sales force can be overwhelming. For Windsor Foods, the answer will be a total makeover of the company’s online training modules for a variety of brands.

We studied best practices from some of the nation’s leading experts before developing the template for this new approach to online, video-based training. One component of our approach is to pepper within the training an iconic cartoon character who will introduce learning segments, prompt viewers that certain subject matter is very important and may appear in a competency test at the end of the learning module. He will become the visual symbol of the overall new age training modules and will be used to promote new updates to the training via e-blasts to the sales force.

We’re using a talented freelancer in Portland, OR for the conceptualization of the character, who is so engaging that the character drew universal approval. We are in the process of animating him now so that he can become an element of each training module and the program in its entirety.

We still don’t have a name for the character. We are open to suggestions.