The Benefits of LinkedIn Company Pages over Facebook Fan Pages

While only 17% of your updates reach your fans on Facebook,  your company’s LinkedIn updates reach all of your followers. What some might not know is that LinkedIn recently added the ability for Companies to update their followers directly through publishing Status Updates. This means that, similar to Facebook Fan Pages publishing posts into the news feeds of their fans, the same can be done on LinkedIn. Keep in mind your status updates can be up to 500 characters long and can support URLs with multimedia as well. Given that any LinkedIn member can comment, like or share your Company’s status update, this is a great way to build engagement with customers, potential employees and prospects alike.

Overall, Company Pages module offers a unique hybrid of components, both user generated and manually populated, that allow your business to have a singular corporate presence on LinkedIn. Optimizing one’s profile gives your employees the opportunity to be found in searches; optimizing your Company Page increases the chances that your company will be found on LinkedIn and outside search engines… increasing your digital footprint across the Internet!