Tablet ownership doubles. What are you doing about it?

Susan Vincer of CSP sent me a Pew Internet Study recently with some amazing information. Between mid-December 2011 and mid-January 2012, tablet and e-reader ownership by Americans nearly doubled. This has important ramifications if you are a marketer with a Flash-built web site. Jumping from 10% to 19% during the period, I expect that the growth will continue because of the recently Apple release of a new and better iPad.

If your current online strategy does not include tablet owners, you should consider the fact that tablet ownership is now over 35% for those with annual incomes of more than $75,000. Thus, it’s time to ditch your old site that is built with Flash and perform a web site makeover in 2012.

I recently spoke to a new business prospect… who didn’t even know that his company’s beautiful web site didn’t work on a tablet. Steve Jobs’ hate of Adobe’s Flash instantly eliminated any Flash site hoping to reach iPad owners. While there are apps that can display Flash web sites on an iPad, do you want to count on the user to go to the trouble of finding and downloading the apps just so they can view your site?

You should develop a mobile strategy that assures that both tablets and smartphone users can access your brand. A greatly simplified site design for smartphones is a must for retailers with bricks and mortar outlets that incorporates GPS for customers to find your nearest location. We recently built a new web site for Pal’s Sudden Service (a 23-unit burger chain) that not only uses GPS for finding the nearest Pal’s restaurant for a smartphone user, but also enables them to find out what is playing at their local movie theater and buy a movie ticket. This makes the mobile site more valuable to the user and drives more brand exposure. Early analysis is showing 30% of the traffic to the Pal’s site is either via a tablet or smartphone.

Grab your tablet and make an assessment of how your web site works on the platform. Better yet, grab your smartphone. This is the year that you get your mobile act together and take care of the fastest growing technologies your customers are adopting.