Pal’s Patty Melt LTO Taps Kid Stuff Approach

Conjuring up a fun memory from childhood was too irresistible for our creative team tasked with the rollout of client Pal’s Sudden Service’s Patty Melt Limited Time Offer (LTO).

The delicious visual gag brought back the childhood patty cake hand jive using a variety of people, from airline pilots to news anchors. The client loved the concept, so our crew traveled to Nashville to shoot a series of spots for the year’s LTO calendar for efficiency.

The Patty Melt spot took us to Nashville’s International Airport to open a mothballed passenger jet for the cockpit scene and to a small college campus to borrow a cop cruiser. Great art direction and selection of talent made this campaign a creative victory that paid off at Pal’s cash registers.

Supported by outdoor, radio, social, digital ads and store drive-through merchandising, the campaign was one of our finest, earning smiles and extra cash from Pal’s customers who loved the LTO.

By: Tony Treadway