The Story of Building a Game App for a Burger Chain


The first step in building an app is asking yourself why you are doing it.

According to Statistica, at last count there were 1.6 million Android apps and another 1.5 million Apple apps. That’s why asking yourself why you need an app has to be the first step in rationalizing one.

Our first venture in the world of apps was a profit calculator and a sales and marketing app for a food company. We’re approaching 100,000 downloads. For a B2B app, that is one heck of a response. For a burger chain with 29 units, the question of why build an app was followed by several good reasons.

The client is one of the top burger chains in performance, beating national brands in almost every metric. How they do it is through a performance model that constantly measures and improves on objectives related to wait time, cleanliness and order accuracy. They believe in their model and wanted to share their secret in a fun and challenging environment.

They wanted to connect to a younger audience that might be engaged by their model taught through a game and want a job with an employer thoughtful enough to entice them with a game that practices important skills. For the even younger crowd (the chain uses cartoonish buildings instead of kids’ meals), it was a way to connect and let parents peacefully drive to their destination. Meanwhile, the kids could enjoy game characters like Nellie Nutso try to bean a sandwich or drink with an acorn before it accurately enters the bag of goodies at the bottom of the screen.

Lastly, in focus groups with kids and their parents, the client’s goal of sharing a game app that truly had a worthwhile storyline of achievement in a family-friendly experience was verified. Kids and parents approved of the app and provided valuable insight in last-minute tweaks before its launch.

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