Online video? You’ve got 20 seconds.

We just completed the analysis on click-thru performance on a series of 20-second online commercials for a B2B client vs. static display ads. The results were enough for the client to order up to 20 more online commercials. The analysis showed a 3X improvement on click thru rates (CTR).

Nielsen reports that Internet video usage continues to grow (from 56% of users watching online video in 2008 to 75% in 2013). The 20-second pre-roll commercials that appear before online content is also more powerful than regular 30-second broadcast or cable television commercials. Nielsen data shows that on average people streaming video watch ads for 20 seconds with an average completion rate of 87%. Online video ads also have a higher impact than TV ads, especially for a demographic that historically has been the most expensive to reach on broadcast or cable TV (Men 18-34). The data is convincing and the opportunity to deliver your message in 20-second bites is now.

We’re now actively storyboarding our next round of 20′s destined for the Internet. Are you?