Libya. Really?

Here is what begs to be known about America’s involvement in strikes against dictator Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi…what is the criteria for our engagement? I need to know because the entire Middle East is now a powder keg. I just need to know if we have a coherent and consistent policy that guides even greater involvement of our military next month in overthrowing another dictator or monarchy?

I saw us stand idly by as Tunisian and Egyptian governments fell. We’ve stood idly by for a month with Libya. What has changed? If it’s oil, Libya only provides 2% of U.S. consumption. Is it killing innocent civilians? President Clinton stood idly by as two million civilians were massacred in Rwanda decades ago. Is it because of the French being so eager on the trigger? Really…the French?

When someone has the answer on what is the hot button that makes America pull the trigger on a tin horn dictator, let me know.