IGA – The Neighborhood Hero

grocery commercial

Crossroads IGA was a new “neighborhood market” concept with a store opening in Evansville, Indiana. The store combines a convenience store with a gas station and small grocery store, offering customers everything from grab-and-go sandwiches to fresh produce, deli items made in-house and much more.

As a new concept, Crossroads IGA did not have much recognition beyond the “IGA” part of the name, so they wanted to create a campaign that would educate the residents of Evansville on everything Crossroads IGA has to offer.

Creative Energy came up with four TV spots and accompanying radio spots that position Crossroads IGA as the hero of any situation:

  1. “Quick Trip” focuses on a husband who has to make a quick trip to Crossroads IGA to pick up ground beef, and ends up getting an entire week’s worth of groceries while he’s there because the store has everything he needs.
  2. “Party” features the same character, but in this situation he’s attending a party and forgot to bring what he was expected to. He makes a Crossroads IGA run to get everything he was supposed to have already had, plus a tasty appetizer that impresses all the guests.
  3. “Repeat Customer” has the character from the previous spots making several trips to Crossroads IGA, picking up just one item on each trip. The ending reveals his reason for so many trips—his expecting wife and her (and the baby’s) multiple cravings.
  4. “School Lunch” features a mom and two kids hurriedly getting ready for school. The kids both forget their lunches, but luckily, a Crossroads IGA is on the way. They stop in and find everything they need in a hurry, and get back on the road.

In each spot, the main character is presented as the “hero” of the scenario, but it’s really Crossroads IGA that allows them to “save the day” due to the store’s convenience and variety of products.