Three Great Engagement Tips From an Industry Event Innovator


I have to admit—Creative Energy knows how to throw a party. We’ve been doing it for two decades for a variety of clients in venues ranging from circus tents, Ferris wheels and piers to opulent hotels. We will be throwing another big event during the National Restaurant Show in Chicago atop a landmark hotel.

Everything we do when planning an event is about providing a comfortable environment for our client to engage with their target customers, as well as existing ones, in a relaxed environment. Emails and texts can’t compete with pressing the flesh for finding new business opportunities. That’s why our clients ask for our expertise in planning and managing the party. Here are three valuable tips on throwing an effective business event:

  1. Clearly define the desired outcome before you invest. Knowing the metric you will use to determine the success of the event is key. Understanding that metric will drive every other decision on budget, venue and entertainment. Remember, the purpose of the party is to spark a unique business engagement.
  2. Make sure your sales organization is fully vested in the outcome. Your client’s sales staff is not attending the party to just drink and back slap with their cohorts—they are there to work. Make sure they are required to provide a list of their top new business prospects and are actively involved in making sure their targets attend the event. Don’t waste your money if the sales team is not accountable for getting targets to the event and resulting new business.
  3. Make the venue and the engagement irresistible to your invitees. The destination must be easily accessible and one that your invitees want to experience. The invitation should be irresistible, and you should follow up with numerous email reminders until they RSVP. At the event, create an entertainment factor that is unique. From a bartender shootout with your beverages, to an iron chef cook-off challenge, make sure that this signature engagement will be one the invitees tell their friends about long after the event.

Follow these steps, and the conversation after the last person leaves won’t be about how much you spent, but about when we can schedule another event that will be as successful as this one.