Funnier than an Easter Bunny


Sometimes, things just click. When a concept for a TV commercial for an area community bank heavily relied on the talent, I was worried. But, it just clicked. Want to share some outtakes and the actual TV spot as a fun way to spend a few minutes of your Easter time off.

The concept was to announce a new bank card that offers cash back every time you use it. Art directors Jason Headrick and Alice Salyer came up with a unique concept that, to my knowledge, had never been tried. The concept was to literally tie cash to the back of a patient in a doctor’s office. The patient complains of a terrible itching on his back every time his wife takes their new bank card shopping….get it?

We opted for Knoxville actor Joe Casterline who absolutely nailed the performance for Alice and our producer, Kenny Thacker. Just for fun, take a look at some of the out takes and bloopers from the production and then, watch the final production. You will get a chuckle or two out of the effort. Have a great Easter.