More Clicks for Your Email Campaigns


Getting more clicks and better engagement is one of our metrics at Creative Energy. It may not be as glamorous an activity as other tasks within an agency, but it remains one of the best tools for engaging a target audience and reaping sales. Here are some of our best practices from an agency that executes more than 100 email campaigns each year. Be sure to pay attention, as this advice is golden.

Better Email Lists = Better Clicks.

For one industry segment, we have amassed a list approaching 100,000 qualified targets, broken down into sub-segments within that industry. Purchased lists aren’t the best source. Instead, start with your existing customers, then those who have engaged your website, and make sure your site includes a pre-checked box within the contact field that grants their permission for you to share with them new products or special incentives. Drive more traffic to your site with special offers (rebate coupons that can be downloaded, white papers, infographics, etc.) and require that the interested users share their email address and a few more details before granting the download of your offer. Make sure that your paid ad web banners have a strong call to action that offers a download or free sample that takes the user immediately to a landing page where you can capture that information. Be sure that offer is also shared on your social media sites.

Collect email addresses from prospects at trade events and from your brokers or outside sales reps whom you employ. Remember, before you send each email that you add all new email addresses to your list because their recent engagement will be freshest on their mind.

Lastly, segment your list so that you can maximize the relevance of the message that you will share. For example, there is no need to send an email about your pork chops to a vegan restaurant, but you would certainly send them an email about your new hummus product. The more relevant the information, the better your click-through rate (CTR) will be.

A Crafted Subject Line = Better Clicks.

For your next email, put your butt in your target’s seat and think of what would compel the person to open your email. Then, build the subject line that has a strong call to action with the first few words being the most crucial and with no more than 40 characters in the entire subject line. My preference is to ask a question in the subject line that best approximates the key reason the target would want to open your email.

HTML Graphics, Multiple Click Options = Better Clicks.

It takes more time and effort, but it is worth adding images and multiple items for the targets to click on that should be of interest to them. Again, offer a free download and require a little bit more information from them in your email than you require on your website. This will help you better qualify the lead and move them down the funnel toward a sale.

Send it Again = Better Clicks.

I am not advocating that you hassle a target with your email. Be sure to delete anyone on the list requesting that they be removed from the list. However, after three days, take a look at the email addresses of those who did open your email. For those who did not open the email, try sending it to them one more time, and you may wish to tweak the subject line this time. A new subject line might engage them more, or they may have simply missed your first email. Milk the cow one more time and you will be surprised how much more you will get from your effort.

These tips have been tested and work to deliver CTRs that are 2-3 times better than the industry average. Take what Creative Energy has shared with you, and good hunting.