Bringing the Brand Experience to Life


Garner Foods’ Chief Marketing Officer, Glenn Garner, was one of the key figures in revitalizing his hometown’s downtown. Coupled with moving his company’s corporate office to the city’s center, Garner wanted to celebrate Winston-Salem, N.C.’s growing culinary scene by inviting thousands from the region to rediscover downtown.

Working with scores of volunteers, restaurant owners, Garner’s own team of marketing pros and Creative Energy, the Texas Pete® Culinary Arts Festival was born. For our agency, graphics to integrate with the brand were key. Then, capturing the celebration on video for promotion and social media to drive attendance was our task. Live streaming from culinary demonstrations drew thousands interested in getting a taste of the festival from afar.

A proper mix of music, samplings from local restaurants and a liberal application of brew and hot sauce ensued. Bringing the Texas Pete® brand to life in its hometown is the proper reflection of how business should not only embrace its community but rejoice in the shared pleasure of the brand’s essence that makes everything just a little bit better, bite after bite.

Set for Sept. 16-17, 2017, it’s an event worthy of a trip to a great Southern city. Want to learn more? Visit See you there.