From our first meeting with new client Coca-Cola, it was obvious that we wanted to change the metric for success. The previous agency serving Coca-Cola’s trade media organization had focused on impressions instead of engagement. We got agreement, then went to work on evaluating the client’s site for B2B engagement:

Increase In Site Visits
Increase In Repeat Visits

The site serves users ranging from vending companies to the biggest foodservice chains and supermarket retailers in America. Thus, our first learning was that the site needed to be a lot smarter in serving up relevant information. Links from display advertising on specific products or topics would land a potential buyer onto a page that appeared awkward, with nothing there to entice a deeper engagement with a relevant topic. The site wasn’t even responsive to mobile users. While we were able to quickly boost traffic and engagement, it was apparent that the site itself needed a major overhaul or to be replaced.

Increase In Page Views
Increase In Direct Traffic

Within a year, a project to replace the site was authorized, with Creative Energy given the responsibility of site design and navigation based on solid insights from months of tracking the path toward purchase. Our team of a digital analyst, graphic designers and a strong project manager interfaced with other agencies responsible for content and public relations, as well as a digital coding company in South America.

coke smile

Creative Energy employed a strategy of designing the new site so that every page appeared as a landing page. Relevant content was tagged to enrich and encourage deeper dives. Upon a first visit, the new site would ask the user about his or her interest, then a cookie would assure that subsequent visits would always provide relevant information to that person’s B2B segment. With a fresh approach now baked into the wireframe, our graphic design team went to work on the look and feel of the site as a whole.

Using an agile process methodology, the different organizations would sprint to complete sections of the new site. The first step in each sprint was to discover the needs of the user; then we would design the visual elements while another organization built the content. Once coded, Creative Energy would test each section and recommend tweaks or revisions.

The site was delivered on time and in budget. The glorious results were apparent whether on a smartphone or desktop. Deeper engagement and traffic significantly improved on a site that is now turned on for more business.

By: Tony Treadway