Jul 8, 2013

What a party. Rolling out the next great brand in building materials.

Tony Treadway

Ever heard of Jarden Zinc? If you are in the business of making coins, I’m certain that you have. If you are in the business of cladding the next great museum, hotel or hospital, you likely haven’t, but you will.

Jarden’s history goes back to the 1880s, when the company launched a business of manufacturing glass jars with zinc lids for canning great backyard gardens for the masses. Ever heard of Ball? Sure you have, if you ever helped your mother or granny with her canning.

Jarden now is a multibillion-dollar mega manufacturer and marketing company that you likely still haven’t heard of, but you certainly know their brands. Ever heard of K2 Skis, Mr. Coffee, Sunbeam, Crock-Pot or Coleman? In the marketing business, we call companies such as Jarden a “House of Brands” – big-time brands from a great marketer of brands other than their own.

A part of the process solutions division of Jarden, known as Jarden Zinc, is a new client of ours. With a big future in architectural zinc products built for commercial and government buildings such as museums, hospitals, schools, retail stores and cool corporate offices, Jarden Zinc is launching just in time to catch a new wave of construction.

Known for manufacturing coins for a variety of countries, Jarden Zinc is also a powerhouse in processing sheets of the durable metal that is then processed with a variety of patterns to offer a beautifully durable building accent, exterior wall, roof or interior wall.

Teamed with a highly sought-after metals design firm, ZAHNER, Jarden Zinc launched a salvo across the bow of bigger names in the architectural zinc business (at least for now) during the annual Architects show in Denver (AIA). We helped to introduce the new Jarden Zinc-ZAHNER partnership at Coors Field on a night during the Denver show when the Colorado Rockies were elsewhere. Working with their sales team, we invited top architects to sample new products along with some great food and drink. We’re completing their new website, creating video and other content, and prepping an ad campaign that integrates the message of an all-American company.

Congratulations to a great new relationship between a brand you will be hearing more about and an agency that will help them get there.

Tony Treadway


President & CEO

Regarded in the advertising and PR industry as a top strategist, Tony is considered one of the most respected marketing minds in the business, especially in the $600 billion foodservice industry. As president, he leads Creative Energy in serving a variety of regional and national accounts in the textile, hardware, building materials, electronics, nuclear power and health care markets.