Mar 4, 2013

E-mail challenges we help you overcome

Tony Treadway

Let’s face it. E-mail marketing is a juicy opportunity to reach out to thousands of potential customers with your sales message. Compared to snail mail, it is inexpensive and it offers the opportunity to leverage the e-mail interaction because you can know what your targets click on and download. The CHALLENGE is understanding all of the data that you get from an e-mail and doing something with the data.

A 2012 survey of marketing managers by The Relevancy Group found that knowing how to optimize their e-mail campaigns and analyzing campaign results are the two most vexing issues.

We forged our firm into a position of leadership in e-mail delivery and now we are doing the same with the analytics of e-mail. It’s a worthwhile mission, and the power of a dashboard that allows you to interpret the data is key. We are leveraging service partners to do the work and to develop automated responses to customer interactions.

The dashboard provides the essentials (e.g. CTR), but it makes automating responses easy. For example, we can automate into the system a process for timing a response to a customer based on their initial interaction to an e-blast or e-newsletter. Let’s say that someone downloads a white paper on a new type of oven. We can build into the initial e-mail campaign an automated response in a follow-up e-mail that says, “We noted that you downloaded our whitepaper on the oven; here are the top 10 recipes our oven owners use in that oven.” If they download the recipes, we plan a follow-up e-mail four days later that can say, “Here are three ways that oven saves you time and money.” You get it. We are taking them down a path to purchase. At some point that we can test, a phone call from a sales representative is in order to begin human interaction.

This mining of e-mail results is the challenge we are helping our customers to overcome. It can provide the best ROI of any marketing tactic. Let me know if you wish to continue the discussion.

Tony Treadway


President & CEO

Regarded in the advertising and PR industry as a top strategist, Tony is considered one of the most respected marketing minds in the business, especially in the $600 billion foodservice industry. As president, he leads Creative Energy in serving a variety of regional and national accounts in the textile, hardware, building materials, electronics, nuclear power and health care markets.