Apr 8, 2012

Tips to travel light when you shoot hi-def online video

Tony Treadway

The lightest way to go? Just ask any college or pro athlete and they will tell you that a shaky video shot by someone’s smartphone can be a career-killing enterprise. Yet, YouTube’s most popular videos are frequently shot by an amateur with a smartphone’s built-in video camera. The next step up offers a light world of difference in quality.

We frequently use a DSLR camera to shoot video for a professional look and more flexibility in editing a video intended for online, or even broadcast use. We use a Nikon Digital D5100 and 32 or 64G memory card. Along with a clip-on Litepanels MicroPro LED light and a Sennheiser Bodypack wireless transmitter and mike, we are ready to throw on a back pack loaded for bear and a tripod to steady it all.

The next tip is to always use a tripod to steady your shots using a digital SLR camera for video shooting. We opt for an 18-55mm lens that offers some flexibility for wide and tight shots. Whether you opt to use a hand-held or a clip on wireless mike, be sure to double test that you are sending quality sound to the digital card. Lastly, the Litepanel MicroPro is adjustable in light intensity and we always use it to light subjects for interviews, but only when needed any other time.

If you want to make a step up to quality in your online videos, the next step up from a smartphone is not a flip camera, but a digital SLR with some necessary equipment. You will be glad you made the investment.

Tony Treadway


President & CEO

Regarded in the advertising and PR industry as a top strategist, Tony is considered one of the most respected marketing minds in the business, especially in the $600 billion foodservice industry. As president, he leads Creative Energy in serving a variety of regional and national accounts in the textile, hardware, building materials, electronics, nuclear power and health care markets.