WOW! Our new client, Windsor Foods, is a great client. This family owned and operated business is the market leader in frozen appetizers in the foodservice business. I can’t wait to rev up their marketing and sales with some Creative Energy as the ingredient.

Their challenge is to build brand awareness and to reach its fullest potential by marketing to niches, such as the K-12 schools segment. To give you an example, the New York City School District serves one million meals every day during the school year. We are targeting this segment with a new web site that offers every school foodservice director everything they need to serve great tasting meals that help them meet new USDA nutritional requirements. We called the site and tied it to an umbrella campaign reaching all segments of the foodservice business with a campaign we call WOW (World of Windsor).

Because Windsor Foods can offer easy to heat and serve authentic foods, such as sushi, burritos, All-American fried cheese and raviolis, you really can WOW your customers when you serve Windsor Foods. If you are in the foodservice business, take a look at our campaign and I hope that you will say WOW!