The days of boring corporate videos are about gone. You need to engage people with solutions to their problems instead of pounding your chest about how great YOU are.

That’s why we are point our video production to solution-based shorts that bring excitement to events tied to our client solutions. Here is an example. We’re proposing a series of 1:30 “reports” from a Las Vegas event where we will post daily updates online to YouTube and our client’s Facebook in an “Entertainment Tonight” style focus on the glitz and delicious food that will be created at the event. We will take viewers behind the scenes of some of the largest kitchens on the planet as Vegas hotels prep dishes for thousands of diners. We’ll interview some of the top chefs of Vegas and we’ll show them building creations that include our client’s products as ingredients.

Video has evolved to enable high resolution video that can be produced via software loaded to a laptop. That means a hotel room can become a post-production studio. The video can be uploaded there to the Internet for the immediacy of a news crew’s upload to their network.

If you are looking to produce a video, remember that positioning the video online is as important as the message you want to carry. Copy cable news shows with a sense of excitement and immediacy by producing “news reports” from the scene and put some energy behind your creative.