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<strong>IGA</strong> Bonus TV

IGA Bonus TV

<strong>Dickey’s Barbecue Pit</strong> Spicy Chicken TV

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Spicy Chicken TV

<strong>Texas Pete</strong> Kitchen Hero

Texas Pete Kitchen Hero

<strong>NN, Inc.</strong> Website

NN, Inc. Website

<strong>General Shale</strong> Mobile App

General Shale Mobile App

<strong>Barter Theatre</strong> Website

Barter Theatre Website

"Don't take yourself too seriously. You'll miss out on the
most enjoyable person you'll ever meet."

− Dale Schmitz

"Ships in harbor are safe, but that's not what ships are built for."

− John Augustus Shedd

"Use the force, but don't force it."

− Unknown

"Adapt. Improvise. Overcome."

− Unknown

We are a full-service advertising agency in Johnson City, Tennessee.
Here is our abbreviated and slightly embellished story. 

 We were born from energy. Nuclear energy, to be exact. In 1992 some folks from the nuclear energy industry were faced with uprooting their lives or staying in Johnson City and starting an ad agency. You can probably guess which they chose. Thirty-plus years later, we are still doing work for the energy industry, but have now become market leaders in other segments such as food, tourism, and building products. 

Our number one goal is creating the link between sales and marketing for our partners. We like to push the envelope a little to make it happen.

We are deeply passionate about the world of storytelling. But When we are not creating great work, we find inspiration for it in a trout stream, on stage playing metal, or just enjoying the laid-back lifestyle of Southern Appalachia.

Crafting messages has become our livelihood.

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Bay Door? We don't need no stinkin bay door! No job too big for the CE Box Brigade! Come rain or shine your shipment will be unloaded and rebuilt as the gnarliest battle fort you've ever seen! #CEGroup #teambuilding #wheresthetylenol?
National Donut Day... another holiday taken very seriously at Creative Energy. #donutday
"Don't take yourself too seriously. You'll miss out on the most enjoyable person you'll ever meet." - Dale Schmitz
Our sales staff getting a dose of their own medicine. Who can resist the power of the Thin Mints? #cookietime #girlscouts #toocute #instagood
Always on the lookout!
Cheers ya'll! #christmasparty #letsmakeadeal #instagood #bestpartyever

We’re looking for partners who value the unexpected.